Miami Freight Forwarders

Miami Freight Forwarders

Miami freight Forwarders continue to offer new services in order to attract new customers in a highly competitive and evolving market. With Miami being the gateway to the Americas, : freight forwarding became a big business.

Freight Forwarders initially focused on Ocean Freight Shipping and Air Freight Services. After the economic boom in the South America, Shipping to South America sky rocketed and so did imports from South America.

May U.S. Distributors opened up distribution centers in Miami where they would import products from China in order to consolidate and ship to South America. Some of these companies contracted 3Pl Companies to handle their warehousing and distribution needs. Other companies set up their own operation to handle distribution of products imported from South America. Many Logistics Services had to be added in order to help support the news sales channels.

Services Offered by Miami Freight Forwarders.

1- Ocean Freight Shipping: The majority if freight moves via Ocean, Large container ships carry thousands if containers.  freight Forwarders are involved in selling the space on those container ships.

2- Air Freight: If you want your cargo delivered faster , air freight is the way to go especially for international shipments.

3- Inland Transportation: To move a pallet of flooring material from Dallas, Texas to Miami, Florida in order to be loaded on a container for Exporting to South America, then you need the services of an inland freight carrier.

4- Local Trucking services: Moving cargo from point A to Point B within the same City of County requires the use of a truck that is either owned by the freight forwarder or contracted.

5 – Cross Dock: Cross Dock Services in Miami are a huge business. truckers drop their cargo at a warehouse only to be picked up by a waiting truck on its way to deliver to the final destination.

6- Consolidation Services: Cargo Consolidation Services in Miami is a major service offered by many freight Forwarders. Forwarders receive cargo from different vendors on behalf their customer and consolidate into one shipment to be exported.

7- Warehousing: Many Miami freight forwarders offer warehousing services for clients who have outgrown their own facilities and need more temporary space or even long term storage.

8- Distribution Services: Some wholesalers and distributors opt to use the Distribution Services of a Freight Forwarder than setting up their own Distribution centers in Miami especially those that are based outside of Florida and do not require a physical presence in Miami. recently, International companies have their products stored and distributed by Florida 3PL Companies.

9- Customs Brokerage: If you want to be an importer, you will need the services of a customs broker. Some Freight Forwarders have full time brokers as employees.

Outsourcing Logistics:

Many wholesalers, distributors and importers outsource a large portion of their logistics to freight forwarders who act as third party logistics providers. It has proven to be more efficient than having your own operation.


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