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Shipping companies

Miami shipping companies are a dime a dozen, they are on every corner. There is the good bad and the ugly. With a large import and export volume, demand for shipping companies continues to rise. Some of these companies are freight Forwarders. With so much business, every company wants to jump on the band wagon calling themselves Logistics Companies.

There is huge competition for shipping Services including International shipping which drove the rates down at the expense of quality of service. Now, there are those huge freight Forwarding companies who stand firm on rates but primarily target big volume business and we have the medium size forwarders who are caught in the middle trying to compete in an over saturated market. These are the freight forwarders in Miami that you need to work with because they focus on service. The offer a lot of value-added services in order to entice customers to do business with them.

Import and Export shipping companies

Some forwarders specialize in imports others in exports. Some forwarders specialize in shipping to certain markets. There are many freight forwarders in Miami that focus on international shipping only. Some focus on shipping to South America.  Usually specialized forwarders are able to offer better rates than the ones who ship everywhere. No one shipping company can have the best rates to everywhere.

Many shipping companies in Miami have evolved to third party logistics companies offering a lot more services than the traditional freight forwarder.

Other Shipping companies focus on imports only and offer other services such as Fulfillment services and Inland Transportation.

Shipping companies become 3PL Companies

3Pl companies in Miami try to offer comprehensive services to their clients. The have become a one stop shop for all the logistics needs. In some cases 3Pl companies evolve into Contract Logistics Companies that offer sourcing and financing of inventory services


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